~This page was established to show that anybody with an internet connection can create a dumb website that takes up the school's bandwidth~

I'm Alex, just one of the many (human) examples of being lost in the maze of life. Just kidding. That was just supposed to sound intellectual. I find my self most at home in the middle of a pit at a punk rock show. Like anybody, I'd much rather be up on the stage yelling that running into sweaty strangers. I play guitar almost religiously. I guess that really isn't the right word for that. Religion isn't for me. Divine intervention isn't real, or even plausible. But you get the point.
As you might have inferred, I can find all that is bad in life. Alex is my name and pessimism is my game.
Someone great once said:
"Being a problem maker beats being a problem solver any day."
This is Calvin; he is philisophical.

I am a firm believer that anything that a government churns out as "fact" should be taken with an asterisk. Look at it this way: its worth the effort to find out you are being lied to. If you weren't being lied to, then its all the more satisfying. Some people may say that communism is the worst thing that could happen to this country. I say that capitalism is screwing each and every working American over day after day. Take the CEOs that don't really "work" hardly at all. They give themselves enormous salaries, whilst making the lesser worker struggle with the things that make the company function. In our capitalistic society, the rich only get richer, as the middle and lower classes get poorer. This country is no longer a democracy. This is a place controlled like a puppet by corporate goons who need more and more influence in government as their fat heads swell beyond recognition. I'm not jumping on the "I Hate America" bandwagon. Far from it. I wish that I lived in a time when there wasn't a Nike Shoe Company, or an Enron. I do not hate America. I hate the people who are destroying what it was built upon.

In my creative connections section, please find a short story I wrote. If you read this (and paid attention while reading- aha!) you may be able to figure out the point. It is also the "project" part of my Wikispace.

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